Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions




Q: Is PhotoDocumentor really free? I thought it cost a bunch of money.
A: Yes! The price has dropped from “very expensive” to “free.” Many, many, many thanks to our early adopters who paid for the software. We will be forever grateful to you. We hope the tool finds a much wider audience now.

Q: Why go free now?
A: When we offered to update WinID to add remote access, we agreed to continue to offer it to the community for free. We decided that it makes sense to give the entire PhotoDoc tool to the community.

Q: How will you make money now?
A: We’re offering training and customization services. We hope our users will see value in that.

Q: Anyway, how can I get PhotoDocumentor?
A: Download it here.


Q: How do I install PhotoDoc?
A: Download the 32- or 64-bit installer and double-click on it to install.

Q: Which installer should I use?
A: Practically all modern computers are 64-bit machines. If you’re not sure about yours, try installing the 64-bit version. If it won’t run, no problem! Just install the 32-bit version and try it. No harm done!

Q: Where does PhotoDoc install itself on my computer?
A: PhotoDoc installs in Applications inside a folder titled “Business Casual Software.”

Q: I installed version 4.1.0. Now PhotoDoc won’t run at all. What can I do?
A: We discovered an installer bug in version 4.1.0. Sorry! Please go here for details of a simple workaround that will have PhotoDoc working again in just a minute or two. Or see this PhotoDoc blog post for a written copy of the simple workaround procedure.


Q: Will PhotoDoc run on my computer?
A: PhotoDoc runs on PC hardware running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Faster hardware will run the program faster!

Q: I have a Mac. Can I use PhotoDoc?
A: Yes! While PhotoDoc is a PC-only product, it has been tested and works well under Parallels, VMware Fusion, and BootCamp running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.