PhotoDocumentor is the industry-leading software system to capture, analyze, organize, and present medical forensic data.

In active use in daily practice since 2008 by its creator, child abuse pediatrician and computer scientist Dr. John Melville, PhotoDocumentor is now available to the forensic community.

Capture Data:  Use PhotoDocumentor to record patient interviews, document interviews and examinations with custom forms, and capture photographs and videos.

Analyze Data:  Take advantage of PhotoDocumentors photo, video, and audio manipulation tools to rectify images, find relationships between photos, clarify audio recordings, analyze patient changes over time, and much more. All without modifying original files in any way!

Organize Data: Organize photos and videos using PhotoDocumentors power traumagram feature.

Present Data:  Use PhotoDocumentor to graphically compare images (bite marks vs. dental models, for example), show growth patterns vs. expected norms over time, play greatly clarified audio interviews, and present physicians notes in an easily-understood format to juries, law enforcement, and others.